What is Computational Vandalism?

Asger Jorn: Nothing is worse than stupidity combined with a never-failing memory.

Matthew Fuller: Although we can have doubts about the latter quality on occasion, this pair of assets is among the range of exciting features that computing offers. Computers are stupid in the sense that they do exactly as they are told. Their capacity for memory, like this function of stupefied perfect recall, is what makes them so effective for archiving, and indeed so disturbing as an agent of social control.

Computational vandalism means working with this and other qualities of computing; the capacity for repetition, speed, interpretation by combination, the layering of operations and so on. In this sense, computational vandalism works with the aesthetic, social, material and imaginal forces that are gathered as compositional terms within computing.

From: Vandalist Iconophilia

Why the name change?

Our original name, the Scandanavian Institute for Computational Vandalism paid hommage to the project of Asger Jorn called the Scandanavian Institute of Comparative Vandalism. After some time however, we decided that the (old) name was confusingly too close to the original and that the "Scandanavian" part could better be dropped to distinguish the two projects.