Oh, human fart

Quotes from an article written for Framework: The Finnish Art Review.  From leaving the body to leaving the earth (first sentence and last paragraph of the article).

Man is a machine. A machine produced by evolution. I find it impossible to think that for mere nostalgic reasons, such a slime-based system would be preserved.


Having been mostly apolitical, except for slow drift from mild zen-marxism to still milder liberal anarchism, I now have a cause. The ideology of sustainable development is too slippery, because it does not specify absolute limits to change. I want to sharpen sustainable development into the Museum Planet Earth idea.
Briefly, this says that in step with the transhumanist fall into the singularity, in less than a 100 years, we should make the planet Earth into a museum. This means asymptotically stopped change in resident human population, biodiversity, biosphere, environmental chemistry, climate, and so on.
But, everything will be allowed: economic expansion, population explosion through stopping of ageing, genetic manipulation, genetic and nanotechnologies of unimaginable powers, warfare and worse, in space. A deal?
To make this utopian future more acceptable, I briefly describe its econopolitics. In 2100, for example, print 10 billion “ Earth licences”and distribute them to all then living humans. No more licences will ever be printed. Licences can be sold. This way, the people that want long life and long-lived children can have them, but only through migrating to space. This will be cheap because there will be people wanting to stay down here, purchasing Earth licences to a price that will plentily cover the price of the lift to orbit for the seller.